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December 18, 2018

Paul Schrage on McDonald's Service

McDonald's first marketing officer offers some great history and comments on restaurant operations.

"Fast service is why we exist. Fast service is our operational niche in the marketplace."

Paul Schrage addresses the NOA

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F nick. Ciacelli said...

He was way ahead of his time matter of fact I just posted this on LinkedIn I saw that many McDonald's officials had looked at it. My big focus that I got out of that was the lack of passion and the commercials as far as a brand are no longer visible. He spoke about music people of the times not so much the product. Now there's only an announcer a man's voice talking about a drink and then they go bubba bubba bubba at the end. He also talks about interaction guest interaction there is no more interaction with the new counters that they have built It looks more like a counter at a Marriott when you're going to get a room they're beautiful but it's not McDonald's. I met Paul once at least I know I saw him at a convention What a great guy