Coalition of Franchisee Associations

April 9, 2015

An Indie McDonald's Operator Group?

There are comments on this website about an independent McDonald's Operator group that would  theoretically have some influence on McDonald's corporate franchising decisions.

That group already exists - it's called OPNAD.

How preposterous would it be for McDonald's Operators to go though the angst and expense 

of forming an independent association while at the same time voluntarily sending Billion$ into the OPNAD fund? And, in doing so, Operators would continue to spend two and three times their contractual obligation on advertising and promotion?

Operators should review their franchise agreements and live up to 100% of their obligations. Any thing beyond that is a contribution to enrich McDonald's shareholders and Oak Brook executives.

Once you have OPNAD under control (or out of business) then we should talk about a McDonald's Operator association.

McDonald's Operators could influence the direction of the system with their participation or non-participation in OPNAD. It would take a lot of intestinal fortitude but so does starting 

and belonging to an independent franchisee association.

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Anonymous said...

Timely, OPNAD us pushing for $1.00 any size drink this summer.

Anonymous said...

CoOps are another waste of money as Operators vote one way and do whatever they want or don't in the stores.

Anonymous said...

The top priority of new management should be to get the operators and company back on the same page. The current situation is intolerable and will be always counter productive. It is called Leadership!! Who has it and where is it??

Anonymous said...

OPNAD has grown to look more like the Federal Government. The representation is so watered down and divided up in every kind of team you could imagine.
Issues are always presented as; "but what else can we do" or "we have No choice but to go this way".
OPNAD has never seen a new product, sandwich or discounting concept that they did not like over the last 15 yrs. and voting No is so foreign to this body.
We must make a stand together or we will hang individually.
How do we Turn this ship around?

Anonymous said...

This is the longest downturn in my 30 plus years of experience andthere is a palpable atmosphere of fear. Operators are afraid to speak out for fear of reprisal. There is no longer a free exchange of ideas.