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April 8, 2015

Blake Casper Reacts to $1 Pay Bump

Florida's largest McDonald's franchisee Blake Casper reacts to $1 pay bump - Business Journal


Anonymous said...

Never met mr. Casper I am sure he is a EXCELLANT operator.

Wish him and his team the best.

However, I would like to see comments from 2.3 4 or 5 store operators. They might have more concerns with this increase that we heard about in a web cast.

Anonymous said...

Like his Father and his grandfather before him Casper is a savvy operator and represents the brand very well. The MCD wage increase is a non-event for us. If we ran our stores like the company runs theirs we would have been broke years ago. They keep the high volume stores and do stupid unbusiness like things. If you own a franchise its your business. Run it to yours and your customers benefit.

Anonymous said...

It's not so much the raise in the minimum wage, but the "compression" factor. Also, I doubt the Caspers have any McOpCos nearby, so it is a non-event for them. Any impact on their margins is spread out over 50+ stores.

Anonymous said...

Look, if the company put white wall to wall carpet in their grill areas would you do it? Let them do anything they want to do that doesn't mean you have to do it. I know the pressure they can apply but just say "no".