April 2, 2015

McDonald's CEO: Why we're Raising Wages

Easterbrook sets a new record for the use of the word "I" in a McDonald's corporate 
memo or press release.

McDonald's CEO: Why we're raising wages - Chicago Tribune


Anonymous said...

As a 2 store McD o/o I can't afford to own MCD stock but looking at the last 3 days it doesn't look like investors agree with the Mcopco wage move.

Anonymous said...

Who else do we know that is so narcissistic that he uses "I" excessively? Hint: he lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Av

Anonymous said...

Investors see more sales coming because we need to raise menu pricing to cover wages. Higher prices equals higher rents collected equals happy shareholders.

McDs is about rents not food anymore.

Anonymous said...

Operators Union NOW !!!! Bring back MOOA!!!

Anonymous said...

Every operator who cares about their future and their investment MUST get active. Respond to Dicks surveys, let Wall Street know that Corp has betrayed us. No longer be silent. Delay corp payments until the last minute, withdrawal from drafts and pay by check, and let the investment community know that we will not be run ruffshod over by corp.

Richard Adams said...

MOA or MOOA was the McDonald's Operator Association established in the mid 1970s. I was new to field service at the time and some of my Operators were members. I was too green to understand what was really going on but do remember how nervous it all made the regional managers. Out of MOA grew the NOAB and the original rewrite policy.