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April 16, 2015

Franchise Times on Wendy's Remodels - Offers 'No ROI'

Wendy's pulled the usual trick on shareholders and some of their franchisees. 
When they began their reimaging program about six years ago they did on the 
worst stores first. This brought sales increases in the 25 - 30% range. Of course, 
as they moved into newer, more normal locations the increases fell off and so 
did the ROI.

Wendy's Remodel Offers 'No ROI," DavCo Counters in Lawsuit


Anonymous said...

From the article--"DavCo blasted management turnover at Wendy’s over the last 10 years. “In that time period, Wendy’s has had four different CEOs, four different CFOs, four different COOs, and three different” chief technology officers."

It would be interesting to list the myriad of Upper mgmt changes at MCD in the past 10 years !!

Anonymous said...

MCD turnover in Oak Brook and in the regions is like turning pages in a book. I don't think it is possible to calculate the cost to the system of this mismanagement.
DavCO should explain the meaning of ROI to Wendy's top management. If they are anything like MCD they likely think its a compliment.

Anonymous said...

McDonalds Systems best days are behind it.

And "Create your taste" will be the death knell that destroys a once fantastic concept!