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April 24, 2015

McDonald’s: What Turnaround?

"Easterbook is a marketing guy, he's not an operations guy."

Technomic's David Henkes and Bloomberg discuss the importance of McDonald's
Operators and our latest Operator survey.

McDonald’s Sales Slump: What Turnaround? - Bloomberg Video


Anonymous said...

If Easterbrook proposes Create your taste as the future,which I think he will, we are doomed. We are NOT fast casual, we are quick service. Better to improve the beef products to insure juiciness, to improve the buns by removing High fructose corn syrup, and to cut the menu by 25% . Then we can be relevant again.

Anonymous said...

They list all of our competitors but what they don't say is that MCD has become our own biggest competitor. We have too many low volume stores due to impact and poor real estate decisions.

Oak Brook doesn't seem to want to admit that our food just doesn't taste good. They have got to fix the food.

Business wise their are too many company employee's and too many operators.

There is no silver bullet that will give us a quick fix. This is going to take time. The scary part is that there so many idiots makes turn around decisions.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice how many more meetings, conference calls and webcasts we are having from McD?? There are many ways to foster a successful company, but being addicted to meetings just for the sake of it isn’t one of them. Meetings are often big time wasters, they can be expensive and time consuming to pull off, and some people always tend to hog these precious minutes (or even hours). It’s a sign of poor time management and a symptom of a manager who’s using fluff to make it seem like something important is happening.

Anonymous said...

They really do not understand the financial positions that the 2,3 and 4 store operators are in. As a show and tell go to Wal-Mart or Costco and buy a three legged stool, saw off 8 inches of one of the legs then take to your next co-op meeting and ask your regional manager to have a seat.

Anonymous said...

Cash flow will not be able to support the next platform. It's all about the basics and that's operations. We don't have a great track record on fast forwarding technology so that's a big barrier.

Anonymous said...

The comment about too many meetings, conference calls and webcasts is so true… There is no progress and no purpose. We meet because it's on the calendar. And as for fast forwarding technology, I totally agree with that too. Remember the app that was supposed to launch last year? A fortune (almost) 100 company and you can't even launch a basic app? Sad times.