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January 18, 2023

Speaking of Social Media

One of the social media platforms business owners should be cautious about is called TikTok. The name sounds harmless enough but the site is owned and operated by the Chinese communist party (government).

That might not bother all of us but it bothers a lot of politicians and more than a few parents.

A couple of concerns:

* Such websites can track everything about the user, Yes, so can Google and the like but in this case, the fear is that the Chinese government now has a growing database containing information about millions of Americans, particularly young Americans.

* TikTok could be a form of brainwashing or manipulation. It is said (or feared) that if an American teenager logs on to Tiktok they are fed only mind-numbing, sophomoric activities.

Meanwhile, a teenager in China might be fed intellectual, mind-expanding activities that will help them excel over Americans in the future. Sound a little like "Red Dawn"? Is it possible? Yeah, it's possible but who knows if it's happening.

Nevertheless, there is going to be a lot of controversy about TikTok in the near future. Companies and individuals should be very careful about using the platform to represent their brand.

Companies with a large exposure to China will be especially challenged.

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