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January 9, 2023

More on Accelerating the Arches 2.0

McDonald's quickens new store growth while cutting jobs - Bloomberg

There's not too much new here except for some interesting analyst comments.

“You’re expecting to hear this from tech companies, but why are they cutting headcount now? Are they concerned about the next 12 months?” Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Michael Halen said in a phone interview. “The job cuts could indicate that they’re maybe worried about the direction the consumer is going in.”

“It sounds like they want to reorganize the company into different structures to grow faster,” BTIG LLC analyst Peter Saleh said. “Maybe they feel like they don’t have the right people in place.”


Anonymous said...

Corp already gives us little to NO SERVICE, and theyre cutting jobs? I hope Chris and Joe are two of the cuts!

Anonymous said...

Announcements tonight to include additional US moves.
What a bad group of executives we have. Another Field Office VP is a marketing puppet.
Hey joe and Chris, do you really think the Owner Operators need a bunch of presentation focused marketing people to lead the Field Offices? We did not believe their communications while in marketing, we will not have faith in their leadership abilities now. These new announcements should not be a surprise and like all communications from the ELT is just propaganda for the short focused investors that are Chris K's only focus. He has only one true goal get rich quick and ensure his golden parachute is fully lined. Chris K, the board and Joe E. are irrational leaders that will lead to the demise of a wonderful brand. Sad times in McDonald Land.

Anonymous said...

Apple CEO Tim Cook is taking a 40% REDUCTION in his compensation due to economic forecasts, staff cuts, etc. Since Chris & Joe are cutting staff and a recession seems likely, should they not take pay cuts too? Chris? Joe? (crickets)

PS- My cash flow is significantly down versus previous years!