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January 18, 2023

Fifty-Seven Minutes With Chris K.

For McDonald's Owner/Operators: The following link was sent in last week but I haven't had occasion to listen to it. After all, he's your boss, not mine.

This interview was conducted by David Novak, former CEO of YUM Brands ('99 - '16) and now an author and leadership "expert". YUM Brands operates KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza hut, and others. He claims to be the "co-founder". I'm sure Harland Sanders would be surprised to hear that.

Articles or interviews like this are annoying because it's just two people who think they are peers sitting around grooming each other like the apes at the San Diego zoo. But, you might learn something about how pajama boys think.

David Novak podcast - introductory page


Richard Adams said...

If you forgot your history - Pepsi owned the restaurant brands until the late 1990s when they spun them off as a separate company called Tricon, which eventually became YUM. Novak worked for Pepsi running a few of the chains and he was made CEO of YUM when it went public.

Anonymous said...

Chris K and Joe have completely DESTROYED the Partnership that Ray and Fred built. They want operators to be subservient employees. NOT PARTNERS

Anonymous said...

Liar ,Liar, Chris K pants on fire!