Coalition of Franchisee Associations

January 31, 2023

From MCD Conference Call


Chris Kempczinski providing a little lesson in franchising today. "What does McDonald's sell?" he asked. "As a largely franchise business, McDonald's Corp. is in the business of selling a brand so others can sell burgers and fries." $MC


Anonymous said...

Kroc turning over in his grave.

Anonymous said...



1000’s of owners who have passed are turning over in their graves


Anonymous said...

As a former operator, I sometimes read this blog to check in. And it astounds me to see that todays operators just dont get it. Corp management today could not care less about you. They treat you as a employee, not a partner. Yet the toothless NFLA and OPNAD keep obeying the corporate masters. If you dont stand up for yourselves, its never going to get any better.