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January 11, 2023

Danger, Will Robinson!

This article is essentially an advertisement for a robot company but I've got some advice for the manufacturers or end users of automation - Stop Apologizing!

In this labor market, there's no reason to be defensive about automation. You're not replacing people, you're filling essential positions. Look at the lame rhetoric from this article:

“It’s not about replacing human workers,” Park says. “Robots are there for the customers. Having the robots do mundane tasks like bussing tables  enhances staff timing and decreases food running costs so that servers have more time to engage with customers.”

Our robots’ main function is to bring food from the kitchen and take dirty dishes back so that human workers can maximize time in the dining room,” he says. “Human workers should be able to do what they do best—interface with patrons. No robot can possibly replace the human touch.”

This is an unnecessary response to complaints from organized labor that date back a century. Real people, real customers just don't care. I like being able to buy a car or truck that was built by robots in a "right-to-work" state.

If you can afford it - automate. Don't let the union thugs stop you.

Addressing the labor shortage with robots - QSR mag


Richard Adams said...

How about this as a public statement by restaurant operators? ... "We have a job for every qualified person who wants to work".

Anonymous said...

did we lose a post about DON THOMPSON?

Richard Adams said...