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June 5, 2022

McDonald's CEO on ESG

* This video interview posted by Duke University is an hour-long, far longer than any other video we've posted. If you have an interest in McDonald's it's well worth the time.

* This video is 13 months old so some things have changed since its filming.

* This interview is different in that the CEO is not talking to the press or investors but to his people, his brethren, his peeps. While much of this is the usual McSpin there's a lot of truth that never gets revealed elsewhere.

* Notice that he's a little obsessed with the conflict over styrofoam cups. 

* Notice he wants the government to step in and stop Chick-fil-A from using styrofoam cups.  This might be the first time a CEO has called for more government regulation of their industry.

* When you view this video pay attention to the interviewer, Dean Toddi Steelman. She appears to be a perfectly nice person but she's an environmental whacko teaching and training new generations of environmental whackos. Chris K. is her Superman, a corporate figure with the power to move her whacko dreams forward.

* Notice how they both sneer when talking about people from "the south".

* I may be on a learning curve with YouTube videos but when I test the link it opens a few minutes into the video. I suggest you click the link and then refresh the page to get all of the dialogue.

Chris K on styrofoam cups and more


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