Coalition of Franchisee Associations

June 28, 2022

BMOA Votes No Confidence in McCEO


              McDonald's franchisee unrest grows - Maze (paywall)


Richard Adams said...

As usual, we're not here to sell website subscriptions but the Restaurant Business subscription is one of the most reasonable and features one of the best reporters.

Anonymous said...

I applaud the BMOA! NO CONFIDENCE! Let's go NOA, let's go NFLA! No Confidence!

This SLT is like a vampire slowing trying to suck the lifeblood out of the operators. We can't let them continue this. They will run this brand into the ground, they are making us copy strategies from lesser brands (which we don't ever want to be), they will never change, and must go.


This is the same SLT who promised big returns from BBV2020, that never came, only to try and tell the Operators that the returns we saw during the pandemic were from that program.

This is the same SLT who didn't offer one dime of help to operators during the first few months of the pandemic, instead delaying payments while other brands showed good faith and reduced rents.

This is the same SLT who agreed to "ways of working" and then intentionally keep Operator leadership in the dark and make their own decisions.

This SLT has a chip on its shoulder against the Operators, and I would bet my restaurants that if the pandemic didn't happen, these franchising standards would have been rolled out a few years back.

Its time to reset Corp, and reset the 3 legged stool. Because today there is no partnership with operators or suppliers, its just Corp's way or the highway

Anonymous said...

Bravo NBMOA!!!

At least somebody has GUTS!

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake about it, this is a prelude to 10 year licenses so the greedy MCD suits can jack up rent every ten years!

Anonymous said...

I just can’t believe they’re not willing to sit down and say, ‘Let’s get these issues worked out” . (They didnt even bother with the feckless NFLA)

They’re not listening to us.

We need Robert Zarco or Carmen Caruso to represent us legally.

This has got to stop or the system is doomed. Then MCD can recruit new franchisees by saying
"Buy one- its the best JOB you will ever BUY"

Anonymous said...

Who will have the COURAGE to step up and REPRESENT their owners?
NOA? , WON? , Pride?

Sure wish I could join NBMOA- they get it ! (unlike the timid, useless NFLA)

Richard Adams said...

You mention two very talented attorneys but as long as McDonald's Owner/Operators spend money beyond their franchise requirements, go along with every program, and sign everything that's put in front of them the legal system has its limitations. Develop a plan for self-preservation and then retain professional advice to make sure you are not stepping outside the bounds of your agreements.

Anonymous said...

McDonald's has long worked erroneously under a false flag operation of ELIGIBLE FOR GROWTH AND REWRITE, when in fact they may have been eligible for REWRITE and never were eligible for growth. Those decisions were always illegal and political - they just now feel emboldened to clarify their improper practice in a more open manner. Failing to realize, it was always a discriminatory and improper practice to begin with -

Just like the many other illegal practices of price-fixing, intimidating and abusing operators in their COOP own meetings, unequal standards in using ROIP to target individuals.

I seen operators come ineligble for rewrite due to bad 800-numbers, then miraculously the store sells - OPERATES WORSE - but RISES in quintile. How is that realistic? Call centers that record 3,4,6 "complaints on a single call. It's easy to claim a stat when you control the entire narrative.

THe system has always required a good RICO investigation - if only to clarify whats real from perception.

Anonymous said...

Face it. The McD Board, the SLT, and the company itself is CORRUPT!!!!!!!!!

Fire Chris K, Fire Joe E , Fire the Board.