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June 15, 2022

Who Will End Up Paying for This?

McDonald's to pay $1.3 billion to settle French tax dispute


Anonymous said...

Absolutely despicable…nobody will be held accountable and nobody will be terminated.

Anonymous said...

The US franchises will pay for this, naturally. just like we paid for the $200,000,000.00 LOSS on the McD sale of Dynamic Yield, via BOGUS Tech Fees!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is this story not gaining more traction with both the N f l a and n o a ? It is 1.3 billion dollars that will clearly be paid out of or services fees.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday morning every operator received a email from Joe Erlinger regarding changes to Rewrite “New Term”. Effective 1/1/2023. It wasnt even discussed with the NFLA.

We have just barely gotten through Covid-19 and more variants are coming.

Most operators have struggled through Covid -19 times, with added stress of the labor markets. It is the worst hiring scenario EVER

This is a direct attack on EVERY Operators EQUITY.

McDonald’s talks about people first but yet demoralizes our crew and managers with a Nitpick PACE evaluations. Our crews and managers who have stayed and worked during Covid are exhausted and tired. Now McDonald comes out changing the terms of the franchise “New Term” .

I hope the NOA and the NFLA work on pushing back against McDonalds abusive practices.

Anonymous said...

What a joke

E-mail form Chris K. sitting in his brown chair, with his smug smile and bad hairpiece with his global message. The CFO responsible for this then gets promoted and we call this a team with Values? Even in the message "he brought something truly special to our system", correct it's called tax fraud. Marion Gross what a leader the move to Martin Brower has been and continues to be a joke, so now she will be able to screw up the world. Katie Fallon demonstrated her intelligence by deciding to depart from her role as Chief Global Impact Officer. The SLT liberal comments and views must make that position rather difficult as we await the guy in the brown chair to further spew his liberal comments, while never being held accountable for his comments. The franchisee community is getting inspected by the little minions trying to blame us for everything. Here we see SLT rewarding individuals for poor performance and fraud.
Board of Directors hopefully the entire franchisee community will follow BMOA in a vote of no confidence for both the board and the SLT.