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June 14, 2021

Where's The McCurb Appeal?

In the real estate business, we depend on curb-appeal to cause potential buyers to slow down when they see our sign in a front yard, maybe stopping long enough to write down the realtor's phone number or website address. Or, with an open house to come inside.

Quick Service Restaurants need a different kind of curb-appeal. Customers have to make split second decisions on which parking lot to turn into. This is why QSRs were so garish in the 1950s and it's still important today. The entire building should say, "Welcome, Come in, it's fun in here".

The McDonald's pictured below has all the curb appeal of a mausoleum.

We shouldn't expect to attract kids and families to a Playplace in a Darth Vader building.

Maybe this is a trend in Chicagoland but it's a mistake in America. 



Richard Adams said...

These days there's always going to be a happier, more attractive Arbys or Taco Bell at the next curb cut.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. I mourn the passing of the mansard roof and roof beams. That was unmistakably McDonalds!

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when the Executive Suite is populated with clueless individuals who do not know the basis or history of our business. They are left wing pencil pushers who care only for the price of stock and their retirement/bonuses, not the integrity and future of our business.

Anonymous said...

I do not have an issue so much with the building, although the architecture of all QSRs seems to be similar. I have more of an issue with the high-end costs of our dining.

Anonymous said...

As a forty year retired operator-amen and amen

Richard Adams said...

"This is what happens when the Executive Suite is populated with clueless individuals"

But they have numerous college diplomas on their office walls. That means they're qualified.

Anonymous said...

Operators complain about the buildings, then sit in COOP meetings supossively under operator control. Only to be fed advertising of discounting, rather than MARKETING and BRANDING strategies to better position the brand in our communities.

Operators discount

Then they double discount on the discounted

Now operators will reward even more giveaways on points earned on items purchased on previously discounted selections.

And they will thump their chest and smile of the success, as profits lines drop. What was the expected PROMO LINE, 1.0 to 1.5 percent?

Today, its nearly 7.5%

But hey, whats 6% of a average volume store these days? Especially when ones cut comes off the predebt cashflow and no one pushes back.

Anonymous said...

This happens FASTER, when the franchisee is simply a Corporate Manager - not a independent business owner.

Anonymous said...

Bright and cheery is not woke.
Dreary, depressing, discounting and digital discounting on top of it is woke.