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June 5, 2021

Coke Still Paying a Price for Playing Politics

 Why p**s off half your customers? - Washington Times


Anonymous said...

Kinda like MCD giving money to BLM, or for promoting Gay Pride, being for a higher minimum wage and prounion in the media, or the scores of other areas ultra liberal MCD should stay far away from!

Not to mention screwing their 'partners" with Happy Meal rebates, Archway support,rent/service fees on delivery, and tech fees.

Anonymous said...

Today's CEOs have no history with the brands they serve. Their mentality is childish in these events and causes. THey place themself, no the brand out front. Seems they were needy childing grasping for attention. Now, they can beat a big drum to draw attention to themself.

Unfortunately, its negative side effects are to the brand image too. Makes you wonder, WHERE'S THE BOARD AND STOCKHOLDERS? As with McDonald's - seems they either agree or are scared of being cancelled out.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives aren’t half the country. Not even close.

Richard Adams said...

Yeah, you're right. It's more like 75%.