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June 3, 2021

Automation Has Questionable Future  for MCD

McCEO says maybe someday - Restaurant Dive


Anonymous said...

Unless we automate, we will have zero employees left. The remaining employees are completely stressed out and will leave shortly for easier jobs. It’s time to get these corporate employees off the coach actually do something.

Anonymous said...

They WHY did corp buy Apperente and Dynamic Yield ???????????????????????????????????

They stockholders should be angry. total waste of money.

Richard Adams said...

They bought Apperente and Dynamic Yield to accomplish two things: 1) Create an additional corporate profit center by charging McDonald's franchisees all over the world for tech and tech fees. 2) Spin-off part or all of these companies to sell their products and services to McDonald's competitors. In other words, McDonald's Owner/Operators do the R&D on these products and then these "separate" companies use the McDonald's name and logo when marketing the products to McDonald's competitors.

Anonymous said...

Easy, corporate isn't pushing automation since it supports unionization. Remember, they only have to spin off the remaining 5% of stores; thereby placing the entire burden on franchisees.

And they do it with ease, cause there are morons who will jump at the opportunity for those stores, "Cause those are the really good ones". Who will now have zero profit with their 18% rents (with buydown), and now 39% labor cost.

So, here's a question. If every franchisee is INDEPENDENT, and therefore there is no JOINT EMPLOYER status with the employees. And every franchise can basically hire whomever they wish to employ; as long as it doesn't break the brand image (rapist, sex offender, murders, etc). Why does it take corporate approval to "STAFF" a position with technology?

For example, if a call center service or AI is hired to take drive-thru orders - filling a staffing position - how is that any different than hiring a local staffing agency to recruit a shift manager? Or hiring seasonal employees? Or hiring J1 visa employees?

As for the above comment, why arent stock holders angry with the tech acquisitions that went nowhere? Here is the answer, they expect the technology fee recuperation to be paid by the franchisees. It's the only reason that dilemma hasn't been settled with the operators.

Anonymous said...

Why would MCD want automation to replace employees that cost more and more? When labor goes up, prices at the restaurant go up and the service fees and rent go up accordingly!

MCD makes more money without having to lift a finger or spend a penny. Its a great business model....for the franchisor.