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June 17, 2021

McCEO Reveals His Liberal Agenda

 McCEO says:

"McDonald’s executives will speak out when they think an issue directly impacts the business. Recent issues included Black Lives Matter, climate change and the U.S. Capitol violence on Jan. 6, he said."

But in the next paragraph of the article he says, “we are a non-political organization. We don't pick sides."

However, the three issues he mentions in the previous paragraph (Black Lives Matter, climate change and the U.S. Capitol violence on Jan. 6) will be central planks in the democrat party platform in the 2022 and 2024 elections!

That's picking sides.

This guy wants to be a political power player of some type and he intends to fund a campaign with McDonald's shareholder's and McDonald's franchisee's money.

And drive away a lot of McDonald's customers.

5 things from McDonald’s CEO at CNBC Evolve summit -NRN reports


Richard Adams said...

Black Lives Matter - if that means all lives matter, that's a good cause. If it means McDonald's will be a big supporter of BLM ( that's a problem. BLM is extremely political and has received a lot of bad press. These realities may not have made it into McCEO's bubble.

Anonymous said...

Wondering what planet one has to have lived on for those realities not to make into one's bubble?

In the business world, the only color one needs or should see see is green...

Richard Adams said...

But he's not in the business world, he's in the corporate world. He's never run a business.

Anonymous said...

FIRE him NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Cluless K.

When rioters throw bricks through the restaurant window, that definitely "affects the business."