Coalition of Franchisee Associations

June 21, 2021

McDonald's Owners as McOpCo Managers

 This legal change could severely disrupt franchising


Anonymous said...

This is only one Chris K statement away from affirmation.

Anonymous said...

We are already considered McOpCo managers by Corp.

Anonymous said...

Many 2nd Gen easily find themselves as followers, rather than leaders. Its their natural state to seek out approval, and they have a natural willingness to throw their fellow operators under the bus to get ahead.

At least in their minds, what they perceive as getting ahead. They associate MORE STORES, as MORE REVENUE. Satitsfied turning once cashflow revenue generating restaurants, into merger earning conglomerates. As long as they get their daily 'pat on the head', or big red shoe award. They are more than happy to be recognized as the highly debt leveraged McOpCo Manager.

The days of mottos like, 'We're just not on your corner, but in your corner' are long past. The brand trust bank has been drained. Sometime soon, it will be needed with nothing to withdraw.

Anonymous said...

Correct many 2nd, 3rd generation, and younger O/O's definitely do not understand the definition of leadership for the benefit of the franchisees. They feel carrying the corporate message by the people that control their growth is leadership.