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June 27, 2021

Fake Journalism.

The internet has completely ruined journalism. In the beginning, news websites were extensions of print publication, and the same journalism standards applied to both print and online. 

While we still have a few such websites there are now cloud-only news websites with no terrestrial connection and few concerns about journalism standards. An example would be the article below about State Farm and McDonald's and their agents and franchisees published by the very liberal and anti-business "Business Insider".

The website starts off with the premise that anyone who doesn't fully support the behaviors of the transgender community is an ignorant luddite who hates anyone who's different. Then their researchers and reporters went on the hunt for big brands who might have supported opposition to transgenders running wild, ruining women's sports, and sharing women's locker rooms and bathrooms.

Apparently the "hater hunt". produced no big brand connection but did find that the State of Arkansas recently passed a law limiting the activities of transgenders. That gave them the opportunity to bully and punish the legislators who voted for the passage of the bill. They developed a list of donors to these legislators. Among the names are franchisees of State Farm and McDonald's.

The message being, the big brands should get their franchisees in line with the liberal agenda or Business Insider will assume the political activities of a few local franchisees represent the position of the entire brand.

In this case, McDonald's Corporation did the right thing by not responding to Business Insider. No one in business should talk to or work with Business Insider. To do so is to cavort with your enemy.

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