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June 1, 2021

Cargill Goes Wacko Environmentalist

Cargill backs cow masks to trap methane burps


Anonymous said...

GOOD GRIEF. The world has jumped the shark. next thing you know the envirowack jobs will want diapers on cows to catch the crap

Richard Adams said...

Having grown up in dusty little towns in South Dakota I think I know a little about the American Bison or Buffalo. While we'll never know the exact number it is estimated that before the European settlement there were millions of bisons roaming North America. I remember museum paintings of bison herds that stretched to the horizon.

One could guesstimate that 300 years ago there were far more bison in North America than there are their descendants today. So maybe a certain number of large bovines is required for the Earth to stay healthy?

American farmers and ranchers are providing this need and hamburger chains are creating the demand for related products thereby keeping the earth in balance.