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January 22, 2021

This Is Outrageous!

Not only did McDonald corporate fail to stand up for this Owner/Operator's free speech 
rights but they are threatening to investigate him!

Talk about being thrown under the bus to please the liberal media!

I've always joked that when you sign a McDonald's franchise agreement you give up many 
of your U.S. constitutional protections. Maybe now that's too true to be funny.

KC McDonald's owner apologizes for attending Jan. 6 Trump rally


Anonymous said...

This literally makes me sick to my stomach

operator since 1991 - all the awards -
keys to the city - working with RONALD
HOUSE - many more - then this happens
food pantry I forgot that one

I went to a PENCE rally - my 2 sons
1 an operation - went to a TRUMP
rally - we voted for TRUMP - if I can
say that without CRIS K & BUBBA
coming to my house

So MCD is going to look into it - close
to 30 years with the system & they are
going to look into it

This gentleman is one of 85 million
people that voted for TRUMP - &
MCD is going to look into it????????
YOU HAVE TO BE F***ING kidding me

the employee making $13.00 a hour
should quit immediately and open
up her own restaurant & pay all
her employees $15.00 a hour
HECK better than the other word
pay them $25.00 a hour. LOSER

DICK - how do we help him? Sure can’t

I hope this all goes away quickly & his
stores get back to normal ASAP

THIS IS SO SAD - I have been an operator
over 30 years / my son 5 /////. Words
cannot express my disappointment in
AMERICA & the MCD PR team

PS - I do not support the riots in DC
want to make that clear - don’t support
the riots in SEATTLE or PORTLAND
that have been going on for 9 months

I pray the operator can put this behind
him - the pastor and the people on the
bus as well - the truth will come out &
MCD will just use their PR team to kiss
someone’s butt



Anonymous said...

All the more reason why Chris K has to GO

Anonymous said...

Gee. What a partner. Throwing another partner to the wolves. DISGUSTING

Anonymous said...

The operator should immediately file a discrimination and denial of First Amendment (free speech) rights lawsuit against MCD.

Anonymous said...

Does not matter if you support PRESIDENT TRUMP or HUNTER’s

Most of my friends voted for TRUMP

I am 74 so what happens to me in the next few years does not really
matter. My wife & I have 10 grand children that we are very concerned
about in the future - they will have children as well
CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT THAT - than the direction that all
families are headed now


Anonymous said...

The WORST is yet to come. Thank you Biden voters and MCD syncopanths

Anonymous said...

Where does it allow MCD to censor Operators?????

I smell litigation

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time understanding why people on
a bus that drive 20 hours being grouped with
a 200???? or so NUT JOBS - I read operator
was not even near the riot

Will MCD look into all operators and their team
that voted for PRESIDENT TRUMP?

as Hunter’s dad would say - “COME ON MAN”

MCD should stay out of politics - I live in a state
that TRUMP won in 2016 & 2020 - my customers
by that statement voted for TRUMP

Been 2 weeks now - HOPE this is behind him

Is there an update on the sales performances
of the operator - if there is not an answer
I will understand

Stay Safe

Anonymous said...

Face it-MCD could not care less about operators.

Support YOUR NOA