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January 15, 2021

Put the McDonald's PAC Out of Its Misery

Political PACs like the McDonald's PAC operate as though the past thirty years have not happened. Their goal is to keep everybody happy. In today's political environment that's just not possible.

Five years ago American politics began changing at lightning speed, and it's still accelerating. Any political "expert" from the turn of the century is long past their expiration date.

I don't know who runs political affairs for McDonald's Corp. or what consultants the corporation and the PAC hire but whoever they are, they're dinosaurs.

Add to that, the reality that McDonald's corporate culture has turned hard left. While this has been a few decades in the making it's now complete.

Why would a group of conservative, small business owners contribute to a PAC that is controlled by a political movement that is increasingly anti-business?

Should McDonald's Owner/Operators make political contributions? Of course they should, but make it an LSM activity. Do it in a way that you and your local business will be recognized by political leaders. And, in such a way that your name isn't all over the public records of a national business PAC.  

And there's another concern. The left-wing is demonizing anyone who supports conservative values. This will continue over the next four years and beyond.

Why participate in a national PAC that is ripe for such examination and harassment?

If allowed to exist the McDonald's PAC will do grievous harm to the brand. 

Far more harm than good.

The McDonald's PAC needs to be put down - now.


Anonymous said...

So much depends on who is serving on the PAC. If it is all company people then I completely agree with you. The company seems to be so interested in being politically correct about social issues. But, a true MCD PAC first concern should be for the business. Monitoring legislation that will increase our costs of doing business, befriending respected members and leaders of the congress so that they are current on our position on issues impacting us. Building those relationships in a proactive way that establishes our credibility. Being truthful and fair.

Today, the whole process is a rudderless ship. What our CEO did was simply childish and counterproductive. A rank amateur.

Richard Adams said...

An amateur indeed.

All that sounds great but be prepared to have every dime you contribute to be scrutinized. Every relationship evaluated for its nefarious purposes. A national PAC for one of the biggest brands in the world is going to be an easy target

Actually, it already is a target. Go back and reread Jonathan Maze's article in the previous post. I always assume that every reporter I work with leans to the left. It's just the nature of the business. I try to never talk politics. Maze is one of the best in the business but you can tell a lot from his writing on this topic. And he's one of the good guys.

Just saying...

Anonymous said...

And now McDonald's is using its PR machine to cast dispersions over their own licensee.

Richard Adams said...

When it becomes obvious that a CEO is failing the first to attempt a rescue are the PR and Investor Relations staff. Eventually, all parties go silent as the CEO circles the drain.

Anonymous said...

The left ward trend will slow to a crawl when our twenty seven trillion dollar debt has to be repaid. Since the only revenue stream the Government has is tax revenue taxes will go up once again. Impacting the quality of life of everyone in all classes. Taxes will exceed 60 % of net income. When young families can't save enough for down payments on a home and ask where is all that money going then realize it is going for free stuff for others. Plus, defense against others that want to take us over.

This is where an effective PAC will inject reason into reasonable members of congress. If all members of congress only read that it is proper to hate white Anglos and capitalism then they will. If not, congress is on the verge of creating the biggest class of white collar criminals in history. It has already started.

Anonymous said...

PAC donations by a business PAC should focus only on business issues, like the QIP depreciation fix that we got. That preserves precious cash flow when doing remodels, which in the franchise world are required expenses. Influencing those that have a vote or a veto on those issues, or who can file legislation that helps your business or removes something that harms it should be the sole focus.Bottom line issues.

That’s just one example and if questioned by a woke reporter (which is all of them), just start talking about depreciation. After their eyes glaze over they will never ask again.

That said, there is no excuse for Chris K weighing in as a woke warrior. If he just kept quiet no one would care what he thinks. They still don’t except now 75million voters hate McDonalds. .

Richard Adams said...

He's probably too liberal for Starbucks.

Plus, Starbucks stores are primarily company operated. The CEO and management team must have knowledge and experience with unit level economics.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech and assembly is a god given right no matter what side of the isle you belong. Horrible that MCD had to dump on a operator posting on their personal site. Worse, some sick operator had to jump on that train too.

Just shows you in most cases, a operators worse enemy in todays enviroment is another franchise operator.

Anonymous said...