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January 9, 2021


 The morning of this past Wednesday (Jan 6) I happened across a Twitter thread about a small pizza chain that was conducting a social media campaign in support of conservative positions in the Presidential election. I added this comment:

"Any brand that goes public with political positions is run by idiots."

A few hours later I dropped everything to watch the invasion of the U.S. Capital building.

Forty-eight hours later I'm looking at a memo from the CEO of McDonald's attacking the President of the United States.

Taking a position against criminal activity in Federal buildings? That's commendable.

Attacking the President in the name of one of the world's most famous brands?  Incredibility stupid.

Here's what he said, "Shortly after these attacks, I endorsed a statement from a group of fellow business leaders from top U.S. companies, the Business Roundtable, condemning President Trump and the other elected officials who incited this insurrection." 

This just isn't true. The Business Round Table didn't pay the President any compliments but they merely called for an end to the chaos.

"Condemnation" is his word and was not used by the Business Roundtable.

Washington - Business Roundtable today issued the following statement:

“The chaos unfolding in the nation’s capital is the result of unlawful efforts to overturn the legitimate results of a democratic election. The country deserves better. Business Roundtable calls on the President and all relevant officials to put an end to the chaos and to facilitate the peaceful transition of power."

Business Roundtable website

Two of the mistakes that liberals make: 1)They react emotionally and make knee jerk decisions, 2)They believe that everyone else in the world agrees with their liberal positions.

How's it feel to have the CEO looking down his nose at a huge chunk of your customer base?



Anonymous said...

He should not get MCD involved in anyway. There are good MCD customers on both sides of every political issue. Past and effective policy is to stay out of politics except where government. affaires recommends it.

Anonymous said...

MCD should NEVER get involved in politics, religion or social justice issues. NEVER

We are a FAMILY RESTAURANT for crying out loud! Brainless boob just insulted 74,000,000 + people.

#FIRE Chris NOW!

Anonymous said...

<<<<< Attacking the President in the name of one of the world's most famous brands? Incredibility stupid.>>>>>

Thats our CEO !!!!!!!!

He should apologize immediately. But he is spineless and deceitful.

Anonymous said...

Andy Puzder for CEO.

Hes not a FOOL.

Anonymous said...

HYPOCRITES, just like Chris K.

How do we negotiate with a liar and a charlatan?

Anonymous said...

It's weighing on me that we're heading into a very tough four years...or longer. I'm not optimistic about midterms, or any other election unless there's a true reckoning over the abuses of this past election cycle. A supermajority of Dems is about to embark on the most radical, antibusiness shift in America's course that we've ever seen. Freedoms will fall, economies will falter, and "thoughtcrimes" will be severely punished. Which is particularly threatening to those of us who just can't seem to give up the habit of thinking.

That being said, all is not lost.

Over 74 million Americans voted to continue the progress made during the Trump administration. Progress that lifted every race, gender, faith, and economic class. Those people still want what's best for America and Americans...all Americans. And a majority of these people believe that the election was stolen.

These tens of millions of people will peacefully do everything in their power to right the wrongs being visited upon us. How best to do that remains to be seen, but blooming into spontaneous (and politically effective) life, a new movement is needed. Which I, personally, can't wait to join.

Anonymous said...

Why would Chris K volunteer to tell 74 million people that we don’t want their business?

Nobody cared what he thought until he said that.

Shareholders should be furious.

Anonymous said...

FIRE HIM before we are boycotted

Anonymous said...

Such a pajama boy.

Anonymous said...

What is a pajama boy? I see that term used here alot?

Anonymous said...

Pajama Boy
An insufferable Man-Child. About as threatening and so nerdy he could guest-host on an unwatched MSNBC show. The purpose of Pajama Boy is to get a rise out of more powerful personas.
Pajama Boy is an insufferable Man-Child probably reading The Bell Jar and looking forward to a hearty Christmas meal of stuffed tofurkey. If he has anything to say about it, Obamacare enrollments will spike in the next few weeks

Anonymous said...

His comments are incredibility stupid and insensitive to the business. For MCD being non-political is a strength. Regardless, of what the Business Roundtable thinks. Our "egg Head" leaders comments are not being, high minded and contributive, they are pedestrian and not well thought out. Can you believe this nimrod Pee Wee Hermon is our CEO??

Richard Adams said...

.Suggested keynote speakers for the 2022 WWC:

* Senator Bernie Sanders

* Rep. AOC

* Beto O'Rouke


Most boomers consider Jimmy Carter to be the weakest President of our lifetimes. But, could we imagine Fred Truner lashing out publicly against the Carter Presidency?

Could we imagine Jim Skinner publicly attacking Barrak Obama?

There is something seriously wrong with this little man who thinks he represents McDonald's.

Anonymous said...

Does Chris have a death wish as CEO?

Enable him


Anonymous said...

Kempczinski has a long history of lying to owners, being highly deceitful, and dealing with his "partners" in a underhanded manner. He regularly defies the founders principals and community values (Ray, Fred) ,and panders to his left wing PC buddies. His statement about Business Roundtable is demonstrably FALSE (he lied).He even brags that he works "for the stockholders, not owners". It is long past time to send him to the dustbin of history, right next to his friend and co-conspirator Easterbrook. Why isnt the BOD acting?

Ronald McDonald, Fred, and Ray weep for our company.

Anonymous said...

Once again, there are multi-millions of people that are good and loyal McDonalds customers on both sides of every political issue. They spend money in our stores. Times like these presents the opportunity for us to double down on our business, show our products, to be the trusted business in every community. He is a fool.

The same goes for the advisors he has around him and the staff that writes his nonsense. He and they are not mature, thinking adults with natural leadership talent. For this little fool to knowingly inject McDonalds into a national dysfunctional controversial issue is beyond stupid. Where is the Board of Directors in all of this.

Anonymous said...

1. Obviously the board approved his message, as there is no retribution for his arbitrarily representing the brand in that comment. An obvious violation of its own policies of business conduct, but hey... thats corporate. Do as I say, not as I do.

2. While he may look down his nose at a large swath of our customer base, he looks down his nose at a larger swath of the franchise ownership.

Its further writing on the wall of what the expectation for operators moving forward. You new business review may well include, what politcal party or religious affikuation you beling too.

Just like they created the ELIGIBLE FOR GROWTH AND REWRITE, but we wont grow with you category. They make crap up as they go, contracts be damned.

Anonymous said...

Chris K's job is to make money for the shareholders. That is number one. He claims that he does not work for the franchisee's. Well, that is his good luck. There are more and more people who have no confidence that he or top management will do the right thing for the business. As a factual matter, no one is wanting and waiting to hear his opinion on political matters. He is a fool and sounds like it every time he speaks. Him saying that he does not work for the operators is arrogate, stupid for him to say that about anyone in the system. It says a lot about him as a person. The operators can rightfully and legally say we don't work for him either. This should be a concern for the BOD and maybe it is but they have no obligation to share it with the operators. Just think, another opportunity for the BOD to give away another fifty million dollars.

Anonymous said...

The President's speech ended around 1:15 pm but the Capitol "invasion" happened about 12:45 pm, and it's a 45 minute walk from the speech site to the Capitol. My opinion, but this appears to be a set-up, and it worked.

Anonymous said...

Shareholders dont make as much money if the owners are not successful. He clearly does not understand that (tech fees anyone?)

Its time for Chris K to go.

Anonymous said...

Chris K may work for the Shareholders, but he is all about himself and his immediate financial gains. His lack of knowledge and experience in the operations of the restaurant business will lead to his demise. Until this occurs Owner/Operators must stand united and vote no... No to $1 CSD. No to adding complexity back to the restaurants. No to spending advertising dollars on McCafe so the Shareholders profits out perform the Owner/Operators profits. No to allowing the corporation to transfer G&A costs from the company's balance sheet to the O/O's balance sheet. No to being content being treated like an employee or even better as a share cropper by your landlord.

I Hate to think what an entry level or mid-management employee of McDonald's Corporation must think about their wonderful leadership team? Knowing they believe they know all and expect to do as told from these inexperienced leaders. I hope the corporate employees are ready to find a new career as Chris K is all about himself and his shareholders.
So Howdy Doody we pray (yes conservatives do pray) that your days at the helm of our wonderful brand be short. Hopefully this will allow us to adjust away from your liberal BS influence on this great company.

Anonymous said...

NFLA/ NOA are you listening ????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

So the literal 1984-like society that in our worst dreams we really didn't think could happen for a few more decades 12 months ago is now literally in sight. Today! 12 months ago, our mainstream society was critical of the behavior of the Chinese Communist Party. Today, they're demanding that the Democrats behave just like them!

Where is Alibaba's founder & CEO Jack Ma? He hasn't been seen or heard of since giving a speech that was less than gracious to the Chinese government.

I don't think that has been lost on the Corporate CEOs who have almost universally fallen in line with the interest and will of the "liberals". Oh sure, they might not get "disappeared" like Jack Ma, but they'll certainly be threatened.

Anonymous said...

To the above-

Its not 1984, but rather like the early 1930s in Germany

Anonymous said...

The Operator Leadership's credibility is at a crossroads. If they allow this to go unanswered, they will have proven themselves both impotent and useless.

Anonymous said...

Really how shallow can he be. These issues in Washington will pass. Just like the assignation of JFK has passed, the Viet Nam was has passed, screwing interns in the White House has passed, wearing masks will pass, organized crime is passing, no matter what MCD's position on Washington today will be simply a blip on the radar screen in five years or less. Not one person I know of, not one organization I know of was waiting and wanting to know what chris K and McDonalds Corporation position on current political matters is or was. Did this little twerp take it upon himself to speak out? There are millions of people who don't agree with MCD statement and they are people that push money across the counter every single day to buy our products. This clearly demonstrates "K's" very shallow understanding of this business. He just doesn't get it. He'll never get it. Since his arrival MCD has never had such bad press, never has there been such a wide breach between top management and the MCD family, the negatives just keep coming and it is because top management and Pee Wee are incompetent. it is almost like they want to destroy the business. Its a slow day, K, "lets declare another war on customers, this time".

Anonymous said...

How can top management be so clueless? How about no statement and if you get pushed on a video interview. "I'm / we are saddened by the events that took place in our capital building". How hard is that.

I have no college education, no degree in communication, barely finished high school but started as a crew person and now an O/O with common sense and learned to work with folks from all walks of life and how to interact with all employees and customers. Of course, I have my own personal views but don't share them with my customers.

Never mind trying to figure it out, this is the company that on the last NABIT webcast let us know we are going to have two orange fountain drinks and it should not cause any accuracy issues in the DT and when one of the presenters said "please review the material with your managers at your weekly manager meetings", (are weekly in-person mgr meetings ok now?). So clueless most of these folks presenting it shows they have never worked in any of our restaurants.

Anonymous said...

Management of MCD is not in the restaurant business. The sooner O/Os understand this the better.
They are in the financial engineering and fee and rent collecting business.

Learn those businesses and how to affect them and then and only then you can take control of your own destiny.

Anonymous said...

The thing that MCD top Management does not seem to any longer understand is that store operations are critical to each stores success and to the company's success. Customer loyalty and their repeat business generated by consistently high operations is a crucial factor. It is hard for me to believe that they don't understand this but their actions indicate that they don't. MCD's 2020 annual report is not out, yet. It will very likely show that their biggest revenue stream is RENT coming in from all of the stores. It is always interesting to review costs to see how much money they throw on the ground every year that is totally unnecessary. Its a lot.

Anonymous said...

McDonalds actions on the left’s behalf open the way for courts to establish new constitutional limitations on corporate (and individual) conduct. They are also at risk of antitrust and unfair-trade actions by state attorneys general and private parties.

Corporate America stepped up as a political enforcer this week. Serious legal and political consequences come with that role.

Anonymous said...

I nominate the McDonalds Board of Directors for the Most Incompetent Board Award.
They turned a blind eye for months on Easterbrook. And now they are ignoring the current CEO's

I wonder if Chris K is TRYING to get himself fired to get a $50,000,000.00 payday like Easterbrook?

Anonymous said...

Chris K seems to be auditioning for the job he really wants at Starbucks. He hates that he is CEO of McDonalds and not a more woke company. So blue collar for his effete tastes.