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January 5, 2021

Former NYC Owner/Operator Jim Lewis Tweeted


The beginning of the end of McDs in Manhattan? 2 of the Highest volume restaurants in Times Sq already closed due to lease cost. Now at least 2 McDs where the property was owned by the Corp have or will be sold. 7th Ave and W 3rd St. There used to be 70 in Manhattan now near 40.


Anonymous said...

McDonalds greed insures that money wins over operators and customers, EVERY TIME

Anonymous said...

MCD greed has created so many problems for so many years. Esterbrook realized it that is why one of the first things he did was to close over 200 stores that should have never been built in the first place. They would build them just to build them because they could rent them to operators regardless of operator cash flow. A big problem today, in my opinion, is that there are too many stores and too any operators. They just don't know what to do or how to do it.

Stupid is as Stupid does!!!

Anonymous said...

So Mr Stupid is as Stupid Does. Guess you are one of the crying large multiple owners that work their deals and request a redo to better your position? Maybe even an ex-NLC Member that has received a larger store count for selling out the other owner/operators.
Everyone has the ability to say no to a deal. Instead act like welfare children and ask for more after paying a discounted price. Chick Fil A is kicking our butts by using single to dual unit operators.

Jim Lewis, the system misses you and hope you are doing fantastic.

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Anonymous said...

Gotta fund those stock buybacks and dividends, baby!

When will operators realize that that is the business that corporate is really in, not restaurants.

Fianicially engineering cash flows and incoming rents is what they do. It’s all that they do well.

NOA needs to focus on this and know corporate’s business intimately to affect it and thus the behavior of the suits.

Anonymous said...

As so the hours have turned to days, which turned to weeks, have now turned to months...

And still no cohesive operator response from the NOA, NFLA or OPNAD .... feckless leadership?

Restaurants across the country are closing. Yet, seemingly the operator leadership response so far, 'well thats a shame'...

Clock keeps ticking, while more restaurants face closure. Tick, Tock. TICK, TOCK.

Corporate closed our lobbies. Now they chase away the brands most loyal customers. Business incompetence at its worse, and its gladly seated at the throne. While the peasants moan, the king issues his edicts. And the jesters (NFLA and OPNAD) willingly accept, all so eager to please.

One more store, please! Look how well we're getting along.. just one more store. Some lacking the business acumen to realize the next closure may be their own.

Frustrating, to say the least.