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January 11, 2021

McDonald's USA Political Expenditures - 2020

McDonald's Corp Profile: Summary - OpenSecrets


Anonymous said...

This is why I no longer contribute to the MCD PAC. They donate to antibusiness politicians! Much better to donate directly to a candidate who shares your values and is pro-business.

Anonymous said...

$53,041 to socialist, Union loving, anti capitalism Bernie Sanders ????????

Anonymous said...

Off topic

we have over 12 million extra in
rib patties??????????

Is that right??????

Is that 200,000 cases of ribs?

Who the hell was in charge of that?

Now we split the loss?

Should be MCD CORP - not the operator

If I order 2 cases of lettuce by mistake
that’s on me - again, who the hell was
in charge of this promo

GUESS instead of throwing away
give to help centers in major cities

Be nice if someone smarter than me
can find out the final results

Stay Safe.