Coalition of Franchisee Associations

October 29, 2020

Red Chains, Blue Chains

"Only five of the 10 CEOs on Eater’s list openly donated to political causes — mostly via 
their company PACs. Just one CEO, Chris Kempczinski of McDonald’s, donated exclusively
to Democrats, giving $2,500 to Joe Kennedy’s Massachusetts campaign for U.S. Senate. 

Most of the other donations went to Republican candidates and PACs."

Which Politicians Are America’s Largest Fast-Food Chains Donating To?


Richard Adams said...

That's Joe Kennedy the 3rd, grandson of the late Bobby Kennedy (RFK). For a liberal, any connection to the Kennedy dynasty is a euphoric experience. I'm sure he thinks that Joe and Jill Biden will Build Back Camelot.

He wouldn't have any idea what damage such an administration would do to the McDonald's system.

Anonymous said...

Is there any doubt that Chris K is ANTI-OPERATOR??

Anonymous said...

Seems to me hes anti-human. He doesnet seem to like people in general.

Anonymous said...

Make McD Great Again- Remove Chris K and the Board of Directors

Anonymous said...

LOL to the antihuman comment. I know a guy who went to Duke with him. Says he was a loner that nobody liked.

Anonymous said...

The only thin Chris K likes is the almighty dollar apparently. He’d steal is Grandmother's purse if he thought it would increase his bonus. Preaching about values? Laughable.