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October 9, 2020

Prepare For the Return of ADB

On November 9th McDonald's will Corp. will host an expanded, virtual investor 
update with analysts. Unless thoroughly covered in the formal presentation the 
analysts will be asking two basic questions.

* When will all the dining rooms be open? * When will you bring back All Day Breakfast?

ADB was so over-hyped that every profile on Steve Easterbrook mentions that he 
was the guy who brought ADB to McDonald's USA. This puts management in a 
tough spot. They can't downplay the "success" of ADB and admit to the hype in 
previous years. And they can't tell analysts, "The franchisees won't let us".

McDonald's weighs the return of all-day breakfast - The Gazette

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

3,2,1..... Here it comes. At first it will be "limited" items, and by the next quarter the line clogging add ons will proliferate.

The suits took great credit for ADB. They can't let the franchisee oprators claim credit for outperforming them during their hunkering down during the pandemic. The operators ran the brand during the pandemic when they eliminated money losing, line killing items.

Corporate took big credit for ADB with Wall St and operators made better decisions.That can't be known. They won't let it be.