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October 7, 2020

Teens Prefer Chick-fil-A

Even though Piper Sandler interviewed 9,800 teens in 48 states the results in this survey 
cannot be correct.

Chick-fi-A is not modern and progressive. They don't have promotional partners in an entertainment genre that markets obscenities to children. They are making the mistake
of protecting their culture and their family values.

Unless they become hip and "with it" Chick-fil-A is destined to fade into obscurity.

Teens prefer Chick-fil-A by a wide margin


Anonymous said...

Teens also prefer many strong regional brands such as In-N-Out with lines around the block. In-N-Out also does virtually no advertising, no promotional partners is not a progressive modern brand and continues to put Bible verses on all their cups and wrappers, which started in the early 90's when they really started to take off.

Anonymous said...

I was recently in a Chik-Filet in Houston on a Saturday. It reminded me of a good volume MCD in the 80's. Every table taken, two maintance men in the lobby, DT wrapped around the building, four service lines backed out to the doors, Kids running around, the grill could hardly keep up. All I could think about was, what happened to us! The thrill is gone.

Anonymous said...

But, but ,but. Chik-Fil-A and In n Out aren't nearly as good at financial engineering as MCD management!

Anonymous said...

Any neither need promotion to sustain their QUALITY messaging. When you over discount, you smash QUALITY, in a world that is QUALITY obsessive.

Then again, you need MARKETING expertise, and not just a ADVERTISING agency. However, operators font market in their COOPS, they are field office directed campaign strategies by simeminded minded people that think discounting is the top line sales stock driver.

They will run that drug high all the way to the Overdose.