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October 25, 2020

Felony Dumb

In 2014 Bloomberg published an article titled "Burger King is Run by Children" because 
BK CEO Daniel Schwartz was only 36 years old and most of his management team was
even younger. It appears that in the six years since nobody at Burger King has grown up.

Who could think that QSR customers are interested in hassling with paying a deposit on 
cups and packaging and then bringing it back to recover their deposit. 

In addition, the world's population will emerge from the pandemic as more "germaphobic". 
Products and processes we found acceptable in 2019 will be unacceptable in 2021. That 
includes cups and packaging that were supposedly sanitized enough for repeated reuse.

Can Burger King's reusable packaging change fast food forever? - MarketWatch

And yet McDonald's Corp. is monkeying around in the same arena.


Anonymous said...

Gotta get WOKE!t loves

How else are we going to impress all of the people who will never, ever step foot in a McDonalds restaurtarnt no matter what we do.

It’s been said that MCD manaement loves bein in charge of a fortune 500 company but they are unhappy that it Hass to be McDonald’s

Anonymous said...

Reusable cups hardly qualifies as "simplification"