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May 14, 2020

Crain's on McDonald's COVID Playbook

McDonald's outlines COVID changes before reopening for dine-in


Anonymous said...

How about a service fee reduction to pay for the additional labor and "suggested" equipment?

Sadly, when the NFLA caved on rent abatements for everyone, MCD had the upper hand and immediately dismissed any further talk about relief.

Anonymous said...

I do think any O/O or corporate employee should be sending the press internal operating manuals, talking about or referencing it with the press is completely different.

Anonymous said...

I am the poster above if you can correct "I do not think..." or leave this post. Thanks.

Richard Adams said...

I assume the playbook went to all Owner/Operators and their staffs, all store managers, and all corporate staff. That's 20,000, maybe 25,000 people, or more. You cannot expect that kind of distribution won't leak.

I try to look at everything as an average consumer (as I am) and I get a good feeling from the coverage about the playbook. It tells me that McDonald's is obsessed with customer safety and health and will spare no expense in operating clean restaurants.

Whether MCD franchisees can afford the changes is a different subject.

Anonymous said...

It started in the WSJ - so Im betting a corporate release for much needed press coverage. In the end, didn't realize that CLEANLINESS, FOOD SAFETY and PLEXIGLASS would be considered Proprietary data anyways. I too am concern if restaurants can afford the added cost of operations, on top of the wasted money invested in DEAD kiosk and Lobbies.