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May 23, 2020

I Thought the Reopening Playbook Seemed Labor Intensive

then I read this article from Restaurant Business


Anonymous said...

We'll see how that all works out once they all need to start being profitable good in theory from someone sitting on their ass in the PR department.

I was in Sweetgreens last Thursday I didn't see any of that, all they had was some dumb confusing set-up entering in one door for online orders or driver pick-up and one for walk-in and I got yelled at for walking in the wrong door. I have never gotten that concept my $15 bowl was just ok also not a very busy location. Once their wall street investors who think it's sexy investing in a restaurant chain want to see returns they will be done how long can you keep infusing cash into a concept under the guise of "growth".

Anonymous said...

Very labor intensive, with no abatement as most states are not permitting KIOSK useage. So you Have a lobby to continously clean, a GEL to continously monitor, a lobby drink drawer to gather drinks, and ordertakers.

Dont forget the reductuon in seating.

Adding HHOTs into the DT (as the kitchen isnt overrun already). And you have the perfect cluster#$%& design by an office bureaucrat with 0 operational experience.

I bet they didnt test that in their test kitchen..

Anonymous said...

My issue with this that I am in a high cost market with minimum wage over 15.00/hr. It was tough enough to keep labor under 30% before all this happened.Throw in there rents at 15 to 18%

Anonymous said...

And McPAC will load up on donations to Joe Biden and even more anti small business candidates as they lead demonstrations at restaurants to force a "living wage". Whatever that is.

If the class action lawsuit didn't wake them up, I'm not sure what will. Biden is against a liability shield law, as are nearly all other Dems (and 100% of their leadership in Comgress)