Coalition of Franchisee Associations

May 14, 2020

Starbucks Asking for One Year of Rent Breaks

Starbucks asks landlords for rent relief


Anonymous said...

MEANWHILE, MCD hangs its franchisees out to dry...………

And MCD has the gall to ask ITS landlords overseas for rent abatements!

The partnership is DEAD

Anonymous said...

There never was a Partnership in the last 20 yrs. at least. The only time there is a partnership is when McD. wants something from the operators. Example they want to Partner on the Following, Reduced Calorie menu in the 80’s, “Made for You”, McCafe, McCafe relaunch and BBV2020.

Where was the Partnership when the Operators wanted to do the Following;
- Atlanta wanted a CFA style chicken sandwich in the late 80’s and early 90’s
- Foil bags for Delivery to sports events in the 90’s to 2019.
- Simpler Menu in 2000 to 2019.
- A Shake Machine that will not go down daily and does not take a rocket scientist to setup.
- Use Mid America POS
- Have a long term Image Branding for crew and management (To overturn McJobs Image)
- Credit Card fees that are not ripping into the profits of the operators
- Selling of Menu Items in Grocery stores and not splitting the profits
- Developing a Hand Held order taker that will take payment (Been asking for that one since about 2009)
- Training materials & Internet services that work consistently
- A process for Low Volume restaurants to be profitable or to be Closed (Been looking for that one since the 90’s).

I am Sure there are a Many more. The one thing I know, if the Operator ask for something McD. will create a team and it will die a long term death, to appear they did something. If McD. wants something they can move Heaven and Earth overnight.