Coalition of Franchisee Associations

May 18, 2020

Restaurant Executives and Entrepreneurs Meet With POTUS

McDonald's Corporation was not represented.

Is this an opportunity for the NFLA or the NOA to step into this void of leadership?


Anonymous said...

CEO of the largest restaurant chain in gross revenue is not at the table, but probably good as don't think he has the skillset of many of the other CEO's and we all know he does not support the current administration.

Richard Adams said...

The YouTube is 1:44 but the restaurant discussion is the first 65 minutes and then the Q&A from the press turns into the usual attack dog questions having nothing to do with the actual meeting.

Anonymous said...

I think if an executive from liberal MCD Corp ever walked into a Republican Whitehouse the draperies would burst into flames.

Anonymous said...

Yep, MCD is playing a role not inductive of the business. Remember, our leadership is a stock management... no actual skin in the game.

Hence, they dont have the systems best interest in mind. Just the next quarterly report. So, I dont understand how forcing lobby closures, etc not directed by the state... and having a negative impact on the business... is gonna benefit their stock strategy. One thing for sure, have no intention of restoring 24 hours. No intention opening Christmas or Thanksgiving. They dont need the money, and the working people deserve their break.

MCD USA President claims many operators wont survive this policy they instilled.. Im wondering, who does he think is gonna buy them stores when they fold? Guess that means MCD will hold those titles. And all those 2nd gens with overloaded debt will be in no position to bail them out. Wonder how the stockholders will take that decision being they hated McOpCo operations in the past. Also knowing there is Zero depth to sucessful operations in McOpCo Operations today.

Seems MCD will have to loan their lackeys directly.. got to wonder how that taste knowing the probability of a poorly secured loan ...

Pretty much the only route they have, as those with sense remaining would be less inclined to bail them out and remain obligated to a system that doesnt appreciate them.

Fun times ahead!

Anonymous said...

Forcing lobby closures is about MCD not getting sued for coved class actions because if it forced operators to open, they are liable for the brand standard. It's not about the actual selling of food. Odd for a restaurant business. But as you noted, they aren't in the same business as the operators are.

Anonymous said...

Other franchisee associations actually do get routine direct access to White House and Congressional leadership and staff all of the time. They do it through CFA.

IFA is for franchisors. CFA is for franchisees.

Richard Adams said...

"Im wondering, who does he think is gonna buy them stores when they fold?"...

The answer is "no one". If a store or an Owner/Operator "folds" McDonald's gets the store(s) back either by just taking the keys or buying the business for pennies on the dollar. With that franchise terminated they can repackage a new franchise with new terms and find someone to take over the operation. So they aren't painting themselves into a corner having a lot of Operators or stores fail. At least in the short term. In the long term, this isn't the way to manage a healthy franchise system. But these guys aren't here for the long term.

And you're right about their inability to run the stores themselves. The analysts would raise hell if they saw the number of McOpCos increasing instead of decreasing.

Anonymous said...

Again, so who they selling too? As many of the HEROS in the system today, will fill the majority of the ranks collapsing. You expect corporation will offer franchise licenses on Ebay? (Facisious, but you get the point)

Anonymous said...

So, one pays Rent and Service fees for a facility. If your only permitted to use 50% of that leased facility... seems someone isnt meeting their requirement under the franchise agreement.

If the issue is lawsuits... does MCD Corporation view them as a joint employer?

Seems operators are being played with both sides of the coin.

Anonymous said...

We were not resented at all!!! How could that be?
We have 14,000 restaurants 750,000 employees.
I do believe the NFLA or NOA should have been at the Table not the Corporation. They represent My interest and the interest of the owners, the Corporation is playing a different game.

The things we need are the Following:
1). PPP needs to be extended to 24 weeks, with No Tax implications.
2). A stop to incentivizing people to stay home and not work, through Govt. Payments.
3). To be indemnified for the Virus Lawsuits.
4). Deductibility for Business meals.

I applaud McD. for finally helping the Operators that have been severely affected. But they never have shown any Real leadership, when you have to be push or pulled into a decision, that is not leadership.

Anonymous said...

DA asked- Is this an opportunity for the NFLA or the NOA to step into this void of leadership?

No way the NFLA steps on Corps toes - MCD controls them. And Mark Salebra has been totally neutralized. The NOA is our last best hope!

JOIN the NOA- 55 cents a day is cheap insurance to protect your equity and profits