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February 15, 2020

This is What We've Been Saying About Fake Meat

This analyst is looking at nothing but Beyond Meat and is not considering any impact
on McDonald's sales or profits. They estimate McDonald's could sell 45-55 fake meat 
patties a day. I'm sure that's possible after OPNAD spends millions of Owner/Operator
$$$ advertising the product but then it will drop back to 10-20 a day.

But Beyond Meat shareholders will benift greatly. Just how many of those shareholders
work for McDonald's Corp. is the question.

Beyond Meat Rises as Bernstein Gets Bullish on McDonald’s Potential


Anonymous said...

Great point, a very true legal question that never gets disclosed as it should. It will never be risen at OPNAD, NFLA or NOA.

No one wants to rock the boat..

Anonymous said...

45-55 a day? I sell more McRibs than that, yet MCD insists its a part time fourth flavor.

Anonymous said...

Big blow back will come if they market it as a healthy choice. The patties are being engineered for flavor not healthy. Ask your Dr. about it.

Anonymous said...

This is the Biggest boondoggle in the 10 years. I do not need this JUNK to win with my customers. What I have to have is SPEED, not Gimmicks products.

Anonymous said...

920 mg of sodium. Enough said. Heart attack on a bun

Anonymous said...

The politically correct suits and enviro-weenies have struck again.

Its the number of the menu items-STUPID!!

Anonymous said...

I really, really wish that the suits in Chicago would read this blog. If they did they would learn a lot. For example, FAKE MEAT (which is not meat at all) is GENETICALLY MODIFIED! If you don't believe this, check out INC magazine. With so many people opposing GMOs it will only be a matter of time before the news of GMO goes mainstream and the bottom falls out of FAKE MEAT.

Richard Adams said...

This will be a call made on Wall Street. As fake meat expands into many restaurant brands it will become an industry standard. And, the publically held companies will lie and tell investors it's a huge success. Then anytime McDonald's hits a bump in the road on sales and/or earnings analysts will blame it on the fact that Beyond Meat isn't nationwide.

This new, weaker corporate management team won't be able to stand up to the pressure and will force the product into the stores. The question is, how much Owner/Operator money will OPNAD waste against fake meat?

Anonymous said...

60-80K at least, as restaurants will be forced under NRBES to install 3 platten grills, with a dedicated section for veggie burger only. Yeah, the cross contamination still exist..but not they way they think.

Just like we got suckered into BUTTERMILK chicken, before they realized milk was a allergen. But hey, we have split vats... until the field reminded them (after the fact) that filtering shares the same pad system.

Anonymous said...

As well as GMOs in FAKE MEAT, it contains GLUTEN, which many are allergic to. Good Grief, if it became PC to drink human blood ,would Clueless Chris force that on us too??

Anonymous said...

there's a lot of talk about our plan being the most collaborative in company history.... This is one of those things they need to take a survey about. It's a terrible idea. and I hope we don't go down this path. There have already been lawsuits, and sales at BK are now slowing because the fad is over. we need fast service. not more products that don't move.

Aside, recently was at a retention workshop with McDonald's..... the tools are nice, but at some point, we need to address the underlying issue with retention. It's the lower wage (due to our financial business model and having to pay debt) and it's the complexity of the job. give me all the tools in the world, but until we fix these two items, we won't dramatically improve this problem.

Anonymous said...

What survey, its like OPNAD FIELD VOTES. Everyone hates the idea, but it always PASSES.

Stalin once said, it doesnt matter who votes that counts; its who counts the vote that matters!

Everything automatically passes. Even if they made the vote transparent, it would lead to ineligibility as your not supporting the brand.

But you voted to protect the brand? You thought you were a leg on that stool.

Theres been need for a secure THIRD PARTY to monitor and secure the OPERATOR field vote for ages! With the ease of TECHNOLOGY today, an easy accomplishment.

Ever wonder why it hasnt been pushed by the NFLA, or OPNAD? Its THEIR (OPERATOR) vote. Seems they would want to assure its integrity and validity.

Sort of like COOP Meetings are OPERATOR organizations. Ever hear of operators being threatened eligibility over their comment about a particular marketing strategy at their own operator marketing meeting?

And you'll never get any unified backing to stop rhese antics. For everyone is a piranha, wondering if theyd get those stores. The unity of operators isnt the same in the new reich.

Anonymous said...

Turn over ... its this...

Management gets hammered with complex menus, poor designed production layouts. Serving a more demanding crowd, with a crap attitude drawn by dollar discounting.

They deal with that all day trying to serve. Only to get their clock cleaned with unrealistic statistics.. 800#, need 5 for every 100,000. Thats 5/100 of 1% in a current service market that averages 8-11% negative complaints.


Add CEV SHOPS. (Chop) Remember, Mystery Shops that got canned when we had untrained shoppers. Now we have field service with only months of expereince.

Add BSV SHOPS. (Kick)

Add UNANNOUNCED FOOD SAFETY INSPECTIONS (Slap), on top of the pre-existing health department inspections.

All on top of an apathic workforce that no longer has any commitment to the job.

To get fixed, we need to get real.

ROIP was tool designed to aid the brand, it went from being a wrench, to being an Ax... and it axes our employees every day. We call it turnover.

Theres no more manager conferences, coop SIO trainups. Im not talking about a SEED STORE REVIEW, but real train-ups. Its a qhole, and people has to mean more than a cute tool.

Anonymous said...

MCD execs will push this down our throats, as required by NRBES, wheter the owners want it or not. Heres a novel idea that Operators with 3 decades or more experience will remember. In the 1980s-1990s corp was trying to push outside playlands on us but there was huge operator resistance. So Gerry Neuman, MCD CFO, came up with a " Neuman deal". MCD would pay for the playland, and if it produced preset sales goals after 18-24 months, the operator would then need to pay for it. If it didn't produce desired results, the was no charge to the operator.
But of course this was when MCD execs ALL had OPERATIONAL experience. Could never happen today with Clueless Chris at the helm,and total "yes men" running the field offices.