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February 19, 2020

Subway's Struggles

"Subway is planning to offer a buy one, get one offer for its footlong subs starting next 
month. Customers who order a sub online or through the chain’s mobile app can get 
another one for free.
Yet franchisees, who operate all of Subway’s nearly 24,000 U.S. restaurants, have 
pushed back against the offer."
Subway works to rebuild its business - Restaurant Business


Anonymous said...

Subway management , just like McDonalds , could not care less about franchisee profits. They only care about the top line. That is why it is IMPERATIVE that we SUPPORT the NOA.

Anonymous said...

Subway has a mature independent franchisee association that managed to push the founder's sister out of the CEO role that she inherited. They didn't think that she knew anything about running a restaurant chain, and they were right, and they won.

We need to find out exactly how. Other associations managed to do the same thing( BK, Dunkin, lately Jack In the Box). What's their secret? I'm guessing loyal members who step up every year and putting strong and smart leaders in place. Plus there has to be more on tactics that aren't readily visible as those prior two factors.

It's probably worth paying attention given our same situation.

Anonymous said...

Worlds are the same, the propoganda is different. The you'd never win a legal arguement may have a little merit. A national close for our people day, would send a very clear message.

2020 could be the year that every store closes THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMAS. A clear signal of unity for all that do, and even clearer signal to fellow operators to all those that dont.

The fact its early in the year and everyone was willing, would immediately change the conversation scenario.

Now, there will be an immediate backlash for even suggesting it. The legal threat is obvious, which is why no one will push it. But could you imagine the national headline, 'McDonald's Corporation attacks Franchisees giving their employees off for Christmas'.

But lets be honest, MCD Operators need to clean their own house before stepping up to address these bigger issues. Cant Make McDonalds Great Again, when there's too many Judas's who'd sell their mother out if they thought theyd get a leg up on another store. Others couldnt determine a ROI , if you gave them the I and O.

We see those on these boards take those letters, and it never address ROI... it always ends up with some sort of Operator IOU.

Anonymous said...

To the above-

BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great comments and spot on. My guess is that those who continue to follow the company line and get rewarded with stores will eventually regret it. The people problems, the debt, etc. unless they're a rare breed with a lot of cash -- they will ultimately regret it in some shape or form. And if they have cash and are buying up McDonald's restaurants they ought to have a medical review because there are other, less stressful, ways to earn an actual ROI.

I was at a coop meeting the other day and to me, it seemed like a good amount of operators were "bragging" about how much debt they had..... I almost wondered if I was in some sort of reality tv show where someone jumps out with a camera and says Ha! I got you..... But then realized, the only person jumping out would be Chris K.... Saying "ah ha, I got you" bragging about debt just shows that we are Useful idiots....

Anonymous said...

Wait until the "new, improved (fifth attempt) premium chicken sandwich" rolls out. BOGO galore!

Anonymous said...

Lol....BOGO. How optimistic it will be BOGO. BOGO assumes 50% loss

It will be a free trial, followed by adding it to 2 for $5, a 60%+ loss.

Anonymous said...

" And if they have cash and are buying up McDonald's restaurants they ought to have a medical review because there are other, less stressful, ways to earn an actual ROI."

The above commenter is insightful. If you have cash, sell the restaurants and buy the stock. This suckers will eventually have their wealth extracted and transferred to Mangement and shareholders.

Anonymous said...

Chris K? Borrow gobs of money to put investments into MY real estate.
Winning strategy. For HIM!