Coalition of Franchisee Associations

February 11, 2020

Remember Larry Light?

Former Global CMO Addresses McDonald's USA TC Declines


Anonymous said...

Light gave a stirring 30 minute speech at the NOA. His main points included- the incredible operational inexperience and lack of common sense in the current MCD Leadership, the system is being changed and not for the better, the need for Owner UNITY, and many more. The video is well worth watching on the NOA site.

Anonymous said...

I am SO frustrated that MHQ and many of my Fellow operators can not see what Larry is saying. I Understand some have had to raise prices because of wages and other commodities going up.

But the insanity of going after the High Price ticket customer has got to be offset by also going after customers that can eat with us daily. We think we are doing something by offering $1 drinks, 2 for $5, but we are still serving less GUESTS. So that is not working.

If less customers come in each year to your business you have a Dying Business, Even if the average check is Higher.

No One would submit a business plan to a Bank that has less customers each year. “THINK ABOUT IT”

Anonymous said...

I understand what your saying; however, my bank only requires a P&L... We take sales to the bank. Not TCs. if you think that's a problem, perhaps the underlying problem is McDonald's business model. Chick-fil-a, in my opinion, has the best franchising model at this point.

Larry light is great. Although him yelling at me for 30 minutes was a little intense (NOA Video). Some of his points are valid. Some are high level and not really applicable.

Anonymous said...

Lol... average check increases due to larger orders, same trend as when McDouble and McChicken were a dollar. Nearly every item is discounted with GAM, 123DM, 2 for $5, 2 for $4, Dollar Drink... so how is average check growing when we discount everything. Seriously, this is the stupid math they use to intimidate the OPNAD and NFLA.

This is just another scare tactic to cover a even deeper round of discounting. Stores sell what they advertise. Lets find a better marketing strategy than just discounting.

Amazing, I watch all the real growing competitors grow without monstrous discounting.. we worry about BK and Wendys... and sit idle when Chik Fil A and others keep growing real marketshare.

Sometime you have to think Corp is deliberately sabotaging their own brand. Perhaps since most senior leadership have no real MCD roots?