Coalition of Franchisee Associations

August 7, 2019

The Ultimite SAM Wall

                                             McDonald’s to Go debuts in London


Anonymous said...

Interesting concept, especially with the $15 per hour demands of the Democrat Presidential Candidates (ALL of them are RADICAL LIBS)

In the USA , I could see the majority of our Walmart locations converting to this ! They can convert mine right NOW!

Anonymous said...

I'm in as well. Where do I sign to get this going ASAP!

Richard Adams said...

While it's a question whether the existing kiosk platform is paying off for Operators but, as a customer, I like the kiosks. This idea from the UK makes sense, yes, in WalMarts, most types of SPODs, and other unique locations. I don't think it's proper for my local McDonald's store but who knows what the future holds?