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August 5, 2019

America's Favorite Quick-Service Restaurants Revealed

McDonald's Operators have expressed concerns about being beat by thirteen competitors 
in the latest Market Force survey.

I say - don't worry about it. It's due to attributes that McDonald's USA can't/won't change.

* McDonald's is the biggest in the industry, and the loudest. Being omnipresent turns 
   people off.

* McDonald's is the oldest. All but the most senior Americans have never known a life 
   without McDonald's. Many of the U.S. competitors are relativity new on the scene. 
   They're more interesting and customers haven't been hearing about them all of their lives.

* Reduced local store marketing means less warm feelings about the local McDonald's. 
   Firing Ronald McDonald didn't help.

* More stores per Operator. Twenty years ago there was a good chance a U.S. consumer 
   knew or knew something about their local McDonald's franchise owner. This helped to            mellow out many people's opinion about such a big company. If an Operator has 
  30 stores they are not going to know very many of their customers. McDonald's is just              a huge corporate entity.

And, as someone has already pointed out, when Americans vote with their dollars, McDonald's blows these other burger competitors into the weeds.

America's Favorite Quick-Service Restaurants Revealed in Latest Market Force Study

QSR Mag covers Market Force survey more extensively


Anonymous said...

FYI- Burger King is older than MCD

Anonymous said...

Burger King is shuttering nearly 20% of its US locations.

Anonymous said...

When the McDonalds system leadership has been infiltrated by so many outside competitor influencers. Its no wonder our brand enacts traits similar to those other brands; including eventual decline.

Price increases are unsustainable, as is rhe current price fixing strategy. Time for brighter minds at the upper echelons. Sadly, will take a stock decline to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

MMGA- JOIN the NOA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wish the NOA would be more of the answer.. as with the changes on the national teams. Unfortunately, they are moving at a snails pace.. when operators needed more of a hare momentum.

Hoping the next meeting has a layed of agenda to address the greatest concerns... and accountability deadlines.

Anonymous said...

Sure hope the above Operator has "put his money where his mouth is" and joined the NOA!