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August 8, 2019

QSR Mag Covers BK and Wendy's

Burger King Braces for an International Boom

While closing 100s of stores in the U.S. They finallly figured out that stores
doing one million or less are not profitable.

Wendy's CEO Hints at big menu changes.


Anonymous said...

Tried the Impossible Burger. IT DOES NOT TASTE LIKE BEEF!

Anonymous said...

Those lower sales stores actually were profitable, until the activists infiltrated government and pressed the giant weight of new regulation, undisciplined paid leave and forced wage increases without any offsetting gain in sales or transaction counts. If people get paid more,they need to produce more. That clearly didn't happen and now they are out of a job.

Anonymous said...

legislators seems to want the world to run like government. run deficits, print money, repeat. only, at some point that system becomes unstable. we see it now in foreign countries with NEGATIVE bond yields. insanity.

Anonymous said...

It seems strange in my rural area we have had 3 BK open in the last year. Each will only do about 1.2 million at best.

Anonymous said...

BK is a sinking ship. Our most dangerous competition is Chik-Fil-A, with Wendys a distant second

Richard Adams said...

If their franchise includes a territory they might be contractually obligated to open a certain number of new stores or lose their exclusive territory.