Coalition of Franchisee Associations

August 26, 2019

NOA Puts Poultry in Motion

       McDonald’s franchisee group to see new chicken sandwich at meeting - Crain's


Anonymous said...

In our latest NOA Liaison conference call, it was stressed that unless Operators have a strong turnout at the NOA meeting in Dallas this October, McDonalds Corp mat cease to take us seriously.

It is urgent that you attend the Dallas meeting!


Anonymous said...

Then NOA needs to take seriously the concerns of operators... more than a year waiting on a serious debate on value and discounting.

A serious discussion on the contract breaking items, like eligible for growth, but we wont grow with you crap.

Bullcrap evaluations using measures no one can explain how the numbers are determined and contradictory to actual statistics.

Enough of the chicken messages.. 'where's the beef'!

Anonymous said...

If you don't join NOA you can forget about ever again getting real numbers or truthful explanations about why"we won't grow with you." MCD management have their own agenda and it has zero to do with you and your family's economic security. That is up to owners ( do NOT call yourself an "operator" unless you want to snap on a name tag and be a restaurant manager with no equity, which is exactly where management wants us headed),

If we don't force the change we need, the change coming will suck your equity away, one move at a time, one discount at a time, one app click for free food at a time, one McCafe coffee sale in a grocery store at a time.

Anonymous said...

Don’t think for a minute that management has suddenly seen the light and is now walking with us, the are NOT. The post from 8/29 is exactly right- one of our largest suppliers was told that if they have a booth at NOA the relationship with MHQ will quickly deteriorate. I can’t go into more detail than that but this is just more evidence that attitudes and intentions have not changed, only the timeline has moved.

Like all of us, McDonald’s management is what they do. They took out a lot of their own people and after telling us we are easily replaceable they did it. They have showed us what “modern and progressive” looks like and means with less support, less skin in the game, no support on their side for each other and no value placed on experience. This includes MHQ (makes me sick to say out loud), styrofoam capitulation (among other actions) with zero notice or regard for our customers, screwing with the language in business review recap letters and zero recognition of our history, culture, values and traditions. They have ceded little ground, clearly the NOA has had significant impact but until the O/O side has been made whole, until we see consistent support and until they demonstrate by action that we all win when owners win nothing has changed but words.

I’ll never trust this bunch again. We’ve seen what they are about and it is all about their personal gain at any cost.