Coalition of Franchisee Associations

August 13, 2019

Forbes on Delivery

"The economics of the delivery service on overall profitability is still clouded and will take some time to get a clear picture.  As expected, franchisors are jumping on the delivery service bandwagon whereas franchisees are less enthusiastic. "

The Rush To Offer Food Deliveries Is Leaving Franchisees At The Crossroads


Anonymous said...

Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 20% Uber fee on delivery! Does anybody (operator) take 20% to the bottom line?

Only Uber and McD wins.

Anonymous said...

How much of the 20% Uber fee does MCD get?

Anonymous said...

Several years ago another operator and I tested delivery for the region. It never got off the ground. We had two very attractive vehicles each with the MCD logo on them and great graphs. The cost of running the cars, insurance, driver were too much to make it worthwhile. The only positive that I could see was the exposure the cars gave us while circulating through the market. Even that was too expensive. Proceed with extreme caution.