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March 27, 2019

McDonald's Corporate Goes Hard Left

McDonald's says it will stop fighting minimum wage increases


Anonymous said...

The politically correct MCD pajama boys strike again with total disregard to Operator profitability !

No wonder they sold most of their stores!

Anonymous said...

This publicity stunt is beyond stupid. Of course, MCD management doesn't care what minimum wage is; it is busy refranchising out all of its restaurants. Smarter brands that are politically active engage in the proposed wage increases not by simply objecting to them but by working with legislators and staff on compromises like accepting a gradual increase over a few years to allow businesses and consumers to adjust and adapt. Then there is data available to legislators before the next increases kick in. Wage is the least of it. The workplace rules bills out there will close restaurants cold. Is MCD going along with all of those, too? Stockholders should take note and expect declining revenues and unit counts in the U.S.