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March 25, 2019

McDonald's Acquires Machine-Learning Startup

McDonald's Acquires Machine-Learning Startup Dynamic Yield for $300 Million - WIRED

$300 million here, $300 million there, pretty soon you're talking about real money.

The real question is, how much will McDonald's Corp. let this company charge McDonald's Operators?

The K. boy says the restaurant cost "will be at a discount from market rates". That's completely open-ended, it's unlikely there is any way to determine market rates.  

If it increases sales McDonald's Corp. will get their ROI, they don't need to look at their 
ownership of Dynamic Yield as a McDonald's restaurant profit center.


Richard Adams said...

The most dangerous place to stand in McDonaldland is between Easterbrook and a TV camera.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how. much this is going to cost me.

Anonymous said...

Bend over! Here it comes AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

Management has to buy artificial intelligence since they have no natural intelligence. Modern and Progressive.

Anonymous said...

OK, pretty much everything they've tried to sell o/os over the past four years has not paid off financially. Why would we buy into this high tech idea? If it costs nothing then it's worth a try. If they try to stick it to us then we should boycott it.

Anonymous said...

300Mil divided by 34K restaurants around the world. Comes out to Roughly 8.8K Per store. Divide that by 12 months it is $735 per store per month. I would assume our technology costs will go up at least half of that number per month..... Congratulations everyone, we just bought a technology company and have zero equity in it. (ironically my restaurants seem to lose equity almost daily as well.)

Modern and Progressive......