Coalition of Franchisee Associations

March 30, 2019

Funding The Enemy

Now that the Democrat party has gone full-on socialist will McDonald's Operators continue
to  give them 1/3 of their political donations?

OpenSecrets info on McDonald's


Anonymous said...

Do NOT give to the MCD PAC.mGive to other industry PACs that actually represent our interests. IFA has FRAN PAC. Give to them. Even give to a competitor PAC because thy are fighting for their own franchisee's interests, like the people at Dunkin, who are doing great work, or BK. We are on the same side on Capitol Hill and in the state capitols. MCD management is riding the SEIU bus now. Is Chris K going to be wearing a purple t shirt at the next SEIU rally that closes one of our restaurants?

Anonymous said...

I will not give $1 more to McD PAC.

They are not working for My Best interest. They are working for the Best interest of who ever the McD Leadership is.

I would like to see what we have ever gotten for our Money. We give and give but never get anything Big.

Anonymous said...

the mcd pac needs to completely torn down and rebuilt and they need to stop taking advice and direction from the political "experts" retained by mcd corp.