March 28, 2018

Tim Hortons Franchisees Kicking Butt and Taking Names

"This is just one more in the string of ill-conceived programs brought forward by a group of executives who do not understand foodservice, franchise operations or marketing," 

Gosh, that sounds familiar.

Tim Hortons and franchisees clash over 'ill-conceived' $700M renovation plan


Anonymous said...

Richard- can you please explain more about MOA? How did it start? Why did it go away?

Anonymous said...

MOA was an owner operator advocacy group started in the 1970s to give operators a voice with the Corp. McD vehemently opposed it. Instead ,the Corp allowed formation of National Operators Advisory Board (NOAB) with was a TOOTHLESS joke that simply served as a rubber stamp of MCD wishes and Edicts. NOAB morphed into todays NLC. Powerless IMHO.

Anonymous said...

MOA started, as understand it, with three issues: Compact, impact and rewrite. I'm not sure of the details on compact but I think it was an attempt by Corp. to add a compact to the licence agreement giving blanket authority to corp to change the license agreement. I'm not sure about that. The current impact policy eventually grew out of these operator efforts to get something for damage to their business caused by the impact of a new store. Rewrite was inconsistent and operators wanted some objective measure that would insure rewrite. Again, I'm not completely clear on this. MOA led the charge on these issues and it was becoming very heated. Shmitt was the President and he came down on the side of the operators with urging from Ray Kroc. Out of this grew the old NOAB which became limited to focusing on equipment issues and some other operational matters but never got into policy formation. MOA forced the company into a listening mode with the operators but they strongly resisted any attempt to be involved in management.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that franchisee's were coming to the end of their franchise agreements granted in the 50's and there was nothing to indicate how rewrite's were going to be handled or if rewrites would be granted. The system was growing and impact was becoming an issue, as well. MOA made the system stronger.