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March 31, 2018

Less Clowning Around - Even For Ronald

"Then McDonald’s terminated its regional Ronald McDonald program at the end of last year, though it’s vague about the reasons for the move. “Ronald remains an important part of our brand and he will continue to appear at local events,” said a McDonald’s spokeswoman. “We are just moving to a centralized program.”

Doesn't that apply to everything happening in McDonald's USA?

It’s the worst time in history to be a clown — they just want you to love them again


Anonymous said...

The Ronald program was the finest and most effective Public Relations program in all of American industry and commerce for as long as it lasted. It got us into the schools, hospitals, police programs, city parades and other high visibility venues. Its motive's were never questioned. It was the most effective local store marketing program the operators had and it generated millions of dollars in sales and goodwill. For the company to say that they have simply ceneralized it is a cover to hide the big mistake in their thinking about doing away with the best of past. What is next to go? Meat bearing sandwiches???

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comments. I have been able to build sales for the last 20 years by effectively useing my local Ronald program for everthing from School shows, Golf outings and even Ice skating. If I was allowed to I would have hired our Ronald for my 15 Restaurants, when the program ended.

But yet some Suit who has never truly built anything had their say, without ever allowing the Rural Operator thiers.

What Truly Blows my mind is that the CoOp Program never Cost McD. Corp. a thing. We the Operators paid for it all The talent, The costumes, the Transportation and the Booker. Now we have lost one of the biggest friends and Corp Icons our Customers have ever known.

I know the Big Town elites make fun of him on Social Media, but I have seen thousands of times Adults have been reduce to a child wanting a Picture with Ronald, the Miles of Smiles that have been created at the events and Finally a Special Needs child’s life made special because Ronald stop for a moment with them.

You can not Buy that type of goodwill. Sad, Sad, Sad.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I loved Ronald but the program was old and dated and just brought out protesters, whenever we tried to do an event with Ronald. We would be lucky to get 20 people at a Ronald appearance show versus the 80's we had 300+, schools were reluctant to bring in any program in involving Ronald. The left & right coasts probably about the same but was probably still relevant program in middle america.

Anonymous said...

What happened, in my opinion, was when the nutrition people began slamming our marketing to children. They were saying that we were teaching children bad eating habits and we had no souls and worshiped money. However, today many of those same people claim that watching violent movies, and violent video games have no impact on children's habits. American's believe anything.