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March 21, 2018

McDonald's Franchisee Sues For Age Discrimination

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NJ Judge says bias suit by McDonald's franchisee goes forward


Anonymous said...

Better link don't have to sign up for law360

The franchisee has a valid point McDonald's does have bias and discriminate against older franchsees; but this franchisee will never win that lawsuit. He would have a better argument that he has to spend millions and has no way to raise prices because of price fixing and he is in a very high-cost market NJ versus a franchise location in say Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Any operator with 30 or more years tenure should be aware of this. It is clear to me that MCD is squeezing out older Operators. Ive seen it first hand.Sad that current management is trying to purge the very individuals who built the system, in order to manipulate younger, less experienced Operators! Three legged stool ??????????????

We need an OPERATOR UNION. NLC is worthless!

Anonymous said...

An operator union, MOOA etc. will never happen in this day & age McDonald's corporation would squash any owner/operator who lead that charge or who joined.

Richard Adams said...

Minor detail - the name of the group was MOA (McDonald's Operator Association) Anyway:

One person leading the charge? Anyone capable of doing that left the system years ago. Not feasible. Fifty Operators? One hundred Operators? Very possible.

But too often Operators envision a group having a board of directors, committees, etc. And this group would meet with and negotiate with, management of the company.

To heck with that! Management doesn't own the company. They are just temporary annoyances who will make a pile of cash and then move on. No, you have to communicate with the owners of the company and that's McDonald's shareholders. Actually, McDonald's Operators are the second largest ownership entity but you don't own the brand itself.

Open and transparent communications with shareholders, institutions, Wall Street analysts, and the media would give McDonald's operators the power they deserve.

Kick Oak Brook management to the curb - you don't work for them.

Anonymous said...

MCD operators need an independent franchisee association. Hire a professional board so operators don't stick out and get retribution. Use former operators, suppliers, franchisees with experience from other susytem's that have stood up to their franchisor and won (BK and Dunkin' Donuts come to mind).

If enough operators join, you win. Even if they don't you start talking to Wall St analysts and the fund managers that have stakes in MCD, you win. Believe me, they VERY much want to talk to operators.

Anonymous said...

MOA NOW !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sadly this is what I have heard happening more and more. the system we grew up with which talked of family and values had gone to the all mighty dollar.
there is no 3 legged stool is gone! with only the company telling you how to spend your hard earned bucks.
If we learned one thing we need to all work together and support the efforts of those willing to speak out against Oak Brook. One Voice!