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March 17, 2018

Franchisees Push Back

Amid industry challenges, franchisees get serious about protecting their profits


Anonymous said...

At least Subway sells drinks at full margin and $4.99 sub is only 40% F&P cost we sell Happy Meals and Bacon McDoubles at 45% F&P cost, drinks at $1; try being a McDonald's Franchisee.

The article, mentions Culvers home of the Butter Burger, frozen custard & does very little discounting, has high AUV's not too hard to be a Culver franchisee.

Richard Adams said...

Culver's doesn't have Wall Street jerking them around. They can run it like a real business.

Anonymous said...

Spot on. Case in point - the 10 year required remodel policy. Although I agree with seating and decor refreshes, it is LUDICROUS to tear up perfectly good tile floors and ceilings. Wasteful. Where was the NLC to oppose this????