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March 21, 2018

Is McDonald’s Doing Too Much?

Jonathan Maze on operational complexity

Analysts' comment on McDonald's doing too much

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Anonymous said...

If we would look at what the customer really wants from us and deliver, we would be the darling again. I believe what the customer truly wants is to be servered, Great Food / Fast and that always brings up complexity. There are many issues with the complexity problem, here is my big one and my answer. What is yours.?
Regular Menu
Siguture Crafted is selling less than 1 per hour in most regions - Elminate and focus on QPC, Big Mac, Fish, Nuggets and Basic Chicken Sandwiches. Use 1 of the Sig Crafted Sandwiches as a LTO maybe for 4 weeks twice a year. Just like the McRib.

The Customer wants Friendly Speed and Convenience. That is Why we are up to +72% in all of my Drive Thrus.